Recommendations on of Forest Rights Act

A Joint Committee of the Ministry of Environment & Forests and Ministry of Tribal Affairs was constituted in April, 2010, to study in detail the implementation of the Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006 including factors that are aiding/impeding its implementation and recommend necessary policy changes in the future management of the forestry sector in India which may be necessary as a consequence of implementation of the Act.

The Committee has given its specific findings and recommendations on several aspects of Forest Rights Act which include (i) Implementation of FRA: Process and institutions (ii) Implementation of FRA: Individual Forest Rights (iii) Implementation of FRA: Community Forest Rights (iv) Implementation of FRA: Implementation of Development Projects (v) Implementation for Special Groups (vi) Protected Areas and Critical Wildlife Habitats (vii) Future Structure of Forest Governance (viii) Enhancing Livelihoods through NTFPs (ix) Convergence of Development Programmes for STs and OTFDs. The committee has submitted its Report to the Government which is under examination.

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