Development of Primitive Tribes

There are 75 tribal groups identified as Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PTGs), earlier known as Primitive Tribal Groups. The Government introduced a Central Sector Scheme known as Development of PTGs in 1998-99 and from the Eleventh Five Year Plan, the Conservation-cum-Development (CCD) Plan has been implemented under the scheme.
The scheme provides for planning for their socio-economic development in a holistic manner by adopting habitat development approach and intervening in all spheres of their social and economic life so that the quality of life of PTGs is improved and visible impact is made.
 The scheme is flexible as it allows every State/Union Territory (UT) to concentrate on areas that they consider is relevant to their PTGs. Funds under the scheme are made available for activities which are crucial for their survival, protection and development and includes housing, land development, land distribution, agricultural development, cattle development, construction of link roads, installation of non-conventional energy sources, social security etc. Allocation during the Twelfth Five Year Plan under this Scheme has not been finalised. However, Rs.244.00 crore has been allocated during 2012-13.
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