The Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Limited (TRIFED)

The Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Limited (TRIFED) is engaged in marketing development of tribal products and provides marketing support to the products made by tribals through a network of retail outlets, which presently consist of 29 of its own outlets located throughout the country and 14 State Government organization’s Show Rooms.     
  The details of purchase and sales of tribal products made by TRIFED in the last three years and the current year are given below:-
                                                                           (Rs. in Lakhs)
Sl.No.             Year                                       Purchase                   Sale
1                      2008-09                                 681.78                                   588.78
2                      2009-10                                 609.35                                    697.99
3                      2010-11                                 656.36                                    954.74
4                      2011-12                                 343.00                                    439.92
                        (as on 15.11.2011)  

 TRIFED also organises National Tribal Craft Expo called “AADISHILP”, painting exhibition called “Aadi Chitra”, “OCTAVE” for North Eastern Artisans and Tribal Artisan Melas to facilitate the sale of their products.
The Govt. of India has approved a Road Map for TRIFED for the 11th five year plan period which envisage a financial assistance to TRIFED by way of Grants-in-aid under the Central Sector Scheme of “Marketing Development of tribal products/produce” for the following four main activities:-
(1)       Retail Marketing Development Activity
(2)       MFP Marketing Development Activity
(3)       Vocation Training, Skill Upgradation and Capacity Building of ST Artisans and Minor Forest Produce (MFP) Gatherers
(4)       Research & Development/Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Activity.

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